Privacy Policy

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Privacy of data associated with Ancient Brit Productions products arises in two situations:

1.  Customer data

When you purchase one of our products, your data will be supplied to us by Apple, as a record of your purchase.  We will only use that data to comunicate with you to address your concerns and interest in our products.  We will not use it in an other way whatsoever.

2.  Data captured by customers

When you use one of our products, you may capture personal and private data of people you interview.  This data is entirely yours.  Unless you choose to send it to us (by email) we will be unaware of what data you are capturing.  Any privacy concerns are therefore entirely yours, and subject to whatever privacy procedures you choose to implement.

It maybe that you choose to share some of that data with us, in order to better understand a programming situation that should be resolved by us.  Any such personal dat will be treated with complete confidentiality; it will neither be shared or kept beyond the needs of the problem to be resolved.

We do recommend that when collecting data from members of the public, or data from potential voters (in the case of Canvass) that the data will only be used for the purposes for which you are canvassing.

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