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Apps are always in development.  Software has always been like that.  All the programs I've ever worked on could always be improved.  Most, though end up on the dustpile of history, as my own efforts are likely to do as well.  If one stops working on them, then someone else with a slightly different idea, or more money to spend on marketing or packaging, will succeed in taking over the market.  Adobe has done this remarkabnly well, as has Intuit.  Their initial ideas were no better than others, but they succeeded in finding a large enough share of the market that the ideas could be improved to the point that competition couldnt keep up.  Then finally you can make money because monopolies always do better.

On the other hand, noone, and I mean noone, gets it right first time.  There are always improvements that can be made, or more truthfully bugs that have to be fixed.  Those of you who use any "intelligent" device, computer or mobile, know that you are constantly being asked to update your software, either the OS itself, or one of the many apps that you have thought you could use sometime.

Most apps are known in the trade as the dead ones, the apps that go nowhere, 'cause they either dont do the job you thought they would, or they just dont have widespread appeal.  99% of the apps on the App store are of this kind.  Well, here are my contributions.

For apps that are available from the Apple App Store, a privacy policy statement is required.  This can be seen here.

All my apps have been tailored to run on iPhones, but will run on most iPads.  iOS 6, 7 or 8 compatible, and require GPS and email facilities.  They are also all fully bilingual, English and French, with the language chosen being that in use on the iDevice.

(Friends of Presqu'Ile logo)

Every year the "Friends of Presqu'Ile", a volunteer group associated with the provincial park on the shores of Lake Ontario, hold a Christmas craft show.

This app, the first I developed, was prepared in order to capture data on visitors to the show.  It solicits data on the number of people in each party of visitors, their postal code and whether they liked or disliked the show.  Once the show is over, the data can be sent by email to any email address and dropped into a spreadsheet for analysis.

The analysis can develop confidence in where source of visitors to the show is, and how better to target future advertising.

I am more than interested in tailoring it to suit your show needs.

Wake at GPS Logo

Use this little app, to ensure you wake before you get to your bus stop!  At the end of the day, or even at the start, a bus ride can lull you to sleep.  Program Wake@GPS with the location of your stop and you never have to worry about missing it.

If bus rides are not your thing, then use it to let you know when you get to any destination, by rail, road or air.  The app gives you an alarm when you are within range of your destination, giving you time to wake and prepare for arrival.

To be available from the App store.

Languages other than English and French are in preparation.

Check it off!

Built on the same program as ExitPoll, Canvass can be used by any political pollster, meeting members of the general public.  Use it going door to door, or when canvassing in the street.

Canvass enables the capture of data on the people you meet.  When polling for a political campaign you need to develop data on who your voters are going to be, you need to understand where they live, the extent of their support, and whether they will help you.

As with ExitPoll, at the end of your shift, the data can be emailed anywhere for loading into an Excel spreadsheet for analysis.

To be available from the App store.

A swift

The SwiftWatch program is a program of Bird Studies Canada.  Volunteers watch locations where Swifts congregate.  Typically these locations are chimneys in which the birds roost and nest, often in very exciting and excited late evening assemblies.

Use SwiftWatch to record the activity.  Afterwards, in the peace and quiet after the excitement of seeing the swirling phenomenon that is a Swift roost, the count of birds and the pattern of their entry into the roost can be studied.

The app collects a minimum of data: number of birds, in or out.  GPS coordinates and times are automatic with each entry.  The effort of data capture is minimal, less than a typical paper record and enables the recorder to fully appreciate the avian swarm.

This app could also be tailored to suit differnt needs, where a limited amount of data is to be collected for a number of separate events.

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